New Year- New Work

New Postcards

I've completed three new Oil Paintings which I've just uploaded to the Gallery page. They are going to be new Postcards which if the day is bright enough tomorrow I shall be able to photograph and then upload and order ready for Easter and Spring time to sell at The Bluebird Cafe in Ferring.
I've uploaded them from my phone right now as I couldn't wait to get them on but I shall reload them when I get some larger camera shots.
I'm sure we're all feeling a twinge of excitement, I know I am, at the prospect of Spring, the Daffodils and Crocuses are out and the afternoons getting longer the birds singing and trilling louder. Having said that its still very cold with the squirrels and birds at the feeders. It was a blustery walk on the beach today that's for shore.... ha ha / sure